Bermondsey Settlement, Southwark

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The Settlement was founded by J.S. Lidgett in 1892, to provide opportunity for the educationally privileged to serve the needs of the local community in a wide range of religious, educational and social activities. An early resident was Dr Alfred Salter, and the mission Superintendent was Roderick M. Kedward, both of whom served on the borough council and represented Bermondey West in Parliament. Lidgett was Warden for 58 years. The Chailey Heritage Hospital was one of its offshoots. The Settlement closed in 1967, when the South London Mission incorporated some of its activities.


'The main object of the Settlement was to bring a force of educated workers to give help to all the higher interests of the neighbourhood, religious, educational, social, and administrative. Its aims were defined at the outset in the following terms:

1. To bring additional force and attractiveness to Christian work. 2. To become a centre of social life, where all classes may met together on equal terms for healthful intercourse and recreation. 3. To give facilities for the study of Literature, History, Science, and Art. 4. To bring men together to discuss general and special social events and to seek their remedy. 5. To take such part in local administration and philanthropy as may be possible. 6. And so to do all this that it shall be perfectly clear that no mere sectarian advantage is sought, but that it shall be possible for all good men to associate themselves with our work.'

J. Scott Lidgett, Reminiscences (1928) p.29-30

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