Young, David
1844-1913; e.m. 1868

Welsh WM minister from Pontlotyn, Glamorgan, born on 3 November 1844. He was noted as a gifted and popular preacher in both English and Welsh and for his pastoral and administrative gifts. His social concern was born of his background in the Merthyr Tydfil area. In 1880, following a period of controversy over the amalgamation of the English and Welsh work, he was appointed, despite his youth, as Chairman of the South Wales District. He was the first Welsh Chairman to advocate the unsuccessful policy of 'amalgamation', with the backing of Hugh Price Hughes. In 1888 he transferred to the English work and was stationed in Cardiff, where he played a leading part in founding the new University College. A good historian, his continuing interest in Welsh Methodism resulted in his Origin and History of Methodism in Wales (1893). He died at Margate on 4 August 1913.

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