Moss, Adelaide Frances ('Adela')

Wesley deaconess and nurse, born on 20 February 1873. She entered the Order as a probationer in 1901 and, after a few months at Mewburn House in London, received her nursing training at the Edinburgh Training Hospital. She sailed for India in 1907. During her service in Medak her reports home were full of graphic detail. In 1908 she survived the cholera epiodemic in the Medak area and devastating floods in Hyderabad. She established a dispensary at Ellareddypett and became well known through her village tours, where initial Muslim hostility gave place to welcome. Magic lantern shows were a particular draw. She returned home on furlough in 1912, but continued to serve in India until 1923. She then became matron at the Mildmay Maternity Nursing Home. She died at Cleator Moor, Cumberland on 2 July 1966.

  • E. Dorothy Graham, Saved to Serve: the Story of the Wesley Deaconess Order 1890-1978 (Peterborough, 2002), pp.178-87

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