This Welsh historical periodical was established in 1946. Subtitled Cylchgrawn Hanes yr Eglwys Fethodistaidd yng Nghymru (The Journal of the Historical Society of the Methodist Church in Wales), its main aim was to record the history of Welsh-speaking Methodism and contributions were mainly, though not exclusively, in Welsh. The title 'Bathafarn' was taken from the name of the home of Edward Jones. The first editor and most prolific contributor was the historian Albert Hughes Williams. The first 25 volumes were published annually from 1946 to 1970 when Williams retired as editor. Publication thereafter was intermittent and the last volume, 32, appeared in 2003. Although the majority of the articles have always been by Methodists, Bathafarn has included important contributions from distinguished non-Methodist historians. In October 2011 a much less ambitious successor, entitled Bathafarn Bach (Little Bathafarn), was launched. It is published intermittently, usually at the rate of one or two issues per year.

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