Sackett family

The Sackett family gave several distinguished members to Methodism. Benjamin Sackett (1811-1885) was born on 4 July 1811 at St. Lawrence on the Isle of Thanet. His mother died when he was born and he was brought up by grandparents at Northwood, Kent. Completing his apprenticeship with a local miller, he found employment at Hythe, where he lived and worked for the rest of his life. He had become a Sunday School teacher at the WM chapel at St. Peter's, Isle of Thanet, and began preaching there, coming on full plan in the Dover circuit in 1836. After half a century of devoted service in the pulpit he died on 8 June 1885. He was married three times and had three sons by his first wife.

Benjamin's oldest son, also Benjamin Sackett was born in 1834 and became a gardener. Like his father he was a local preacher. Family tradition says that he and two of his sons entered the Congregational ministry. The second son, Jeremiah Sackett (born in 1836) became manager of a mill at Barham. In 1859 he was accepted for the WM ministry, but after two years at Richmond College contracted TB and was forced to return home and eventually to resume his career as a miller. Later, with the help of Dr. J.H. Rigg, he became a missioner in the newly formed Manchester Mission. Three of his sons in due course entered the WM ministry: Alfred Barrett Sackett (1862-1951), father of the headmaster of Kingswood School; Walter Sackett (1865-1924; e.m. 1887), was born on 16 March 1865 and died in London on 21 March 1924; and Frank Colyer Sackett (1876-1953). Two other sons, both local preachers, emigrated to Australia.

A third son of Benjamin junior, Jabez Sackett (born 1841) was a local preacher; he was a schoolmaster in Rye and later moved to Guernsey.

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