Southon, Dr. Arthur Eustace
1887- 1964; e.m. 1910

WM minister and author, born in Willesden, London in 1887. He trained at Cliff College and Richmond College and served in the Lagos District, Nigeria from 1911 to 1915; then returned after suffering from malaria, which affected his heart. His experience of West Africa later led to the writing of Ilesha and Beyond: the story of the Wesley Guild medical work in West Africa (1931) and Gold Coast Methodism, the first hundred years, 1835-1935 (1934). He was on the Overseas Missions Committee from 1928 to 1933 and wrote textbooks for West African mission schools. During his ministry in South Petherton 1933-1937 the Coke memorial choir stalls were installed in the parish church. Following service in Bristol circuits 1937-1947 he wrote an account of Edgar Bowden’s work in the Bristol Mission. He also wrote stories and novels on biblical themes, notably On Eagles’ Wings (1937), used by Cecil B de Mille in directing his film 'The Ten Commandments'. He received an Hon DLitt from Austin Presbyterian College, Texas. He died on 30 December 1964.