Swallow, Thomas
1819-1890; e.m. 1845

He was born on 31 May 1819 at Lound, near Retford. His family moved first to Bawtry and then to Leeds, where he was converted at Brunswick chapel and became a local preacher, Sunday school teacher, missionary collector and tract distributor. His candidature for the WM ministry in 1841 was rejected as there were too many candidates, and again in the following year as it was incorrectly stated that he was engaged. Joining the WMA in 1843, he itinerated from 1845 to 1854, when he resigned on the grounds of his wife's health and settled in Liverpool. His application in 1856 to be readmitted to the WMA's ministry was not accepted and in 1862 he entered the PM ministry, itinerating mainly in Liverpool and Birkenhead. His main published work was Disruptions and Secessions in Methodism. (1880) but he also wrote An Old Methodist; or, memoirs of Mrs. Jane Swallow, late of Leeds, with extracts from her diary (1861) and the devotional Spiritual Refreshment for Travelling to Zion; or, sacred thoughts on selected themes, suitable for family reading, or closet meditation (1875). He died at Liverpool on 29 May 1890 and was interred at Everton.

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