Forker, Wilbert George

Born on 15 July 1935 in Co. Armagh, he trained for the ministry at Edgehill College, Belfast and was stationed in Guiana 1959-1962, in St. Vincent 1964-1966 and Barbados 1966-1968. During this period he became a correspondent for Reuter's Caribbean Service. His experience in journalism led to his appointment as chief press officer for the World Council of Churches 1968-1971, though which he came to know Sir John Templeton and was involved in establishing the Templeton Prize. From 1972 until his retirement to Anguilla in 2000 he was executive vice-president of the Templeton Foundation and wrote or edited biographical accounts of successive prize-winners.

In addition he established in Belfast in 1972 Christian Journals Ltd, a publishing house focused on promoting books which sought inter-faith reconciliation and over a decade published 72 titles. His Born in Slavery: the story of Methodism in Anguilla and its influence in the Caribbean was published in 2003. From 1985 he was also founder and dean of the Templeton Theological Seminary in Nassau He also set up the Collum Cille Trust to promote Celtic spirituality. He died in the Isle of Man on 30 May 2009.

  • Times, 8 September 2009