Mees, Dr. Charles Edward Kenneth

Physicist and photographic researcher, the son of the Rev. Charles Edward Mees (1850-1930; e.m. 1876), was born at Wellingborough on 26 May 1882. He graduated from London University and received a DSc for a dissertation on photographic theory. He was assistant to Frederick Wratten of Croydon in developing the first panchromatic photographic plates. In 1912 he was recruited by Kodak to set up their Research Laboratories in Rochester NY and later became Vice President in charge of research and development for Eastman-Kodak. He published many books and scientific papers, including The Theory of Photographic Process (1942). In 1949 he set up the International Museum of Photography at Rochester. Among his awards were two Progress Medals of the Royal Photographic Society and the Franklin Medal. A moon crater and the Solar Observatory on the summit of Haleakala, Hawaii are named after him. He retired in 1955 and died on 15 August 1960.


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