Atkins, Martyn David
1955-  ; e.m. 1977

President of the 2007 Conference, born in Otley and educated at Prince Henry's Grammar School. After training as a catering manager he was accepted for the ministry in 1977 and trained at Hartley Victoria College where he gained a BA at the University of Manchester in 1981, to be followed by a Ph.D in 1990 on Baptism in Methodist Practice and Tradition. Ordained in 1982, he served in the Leeds South (1981-6) and Shipley and Bingley Circuits (1986-91) before being appointed chaplain to Edgehill College, Devon. In 1996 he became Postgraduate Tutor at Cliff College and Principal in 2004. Following his presidential year, he became Secretary of the Conference and General Secretary in 2008. As a member of the Faith and Order Committee he worked on the 1999 Methodist Worship Book.

Publications: Preaching in a Cultural Context (2001), The Sermon on the Mount (2002), Resourcing Renewal (2007), Discipleship and the People Called Methodists (2010).

  • Methodist Recorder, 7 July 2007

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