Alley, James Murdock
1867-1955; e.m. 1886

Secretary of the Irish Conference 1913-21 and General Secretary of the Irish Home Mission Fund 1930-38, he was the son of a WM minister, George Alley (1830-1932; e.m. 1852). He was born in Dublin on 17 February 1867. During his long and influential ministry he occupied most of the responsible posts under the Irish Conference and made an impressive contribution to the development of its administrative departments. He played a large part in shaping the 1915 Parliamentary Statutes which constituted the Statutory Trustees of the MCI. He edited the Irish Church Record for most of its 25 years existence. He died in Dublin on 1 January 1955.

  • Irish Christian Advocate, 26 Nov 1954
  • Methodist Recorder, 13 Jan 1955

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