World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women

WFMUCW is an international fellowship of officially recognized groups of Methodist women organized on a national basis, or in a uniting church of which former Methodists are a part, or in a church, which is affiliated to the World Methodist Council. It operates in over 60 countries around the world. Through study programmes, international assemblies and seminars, through ecumenical activity and as a Non-Governmental Organisation at the United Nations the movement widens the horizons of individual women. Cultural differences begin to be understood. Women find that national boundaries can never really divide them when they are united in Christ.

The motto of WFMUCW is 'To know Christ and to make Him known' and its aims are to help establish Christ's kingdom among all peoples and in all areas of life; to share the abundant life of Christ through evangelism, healing ministries, education and service to others; to help promote the missionary spirit throughout the world parish; and to seek with women of all lands fellowship and mutual help in the building of a Christian community. The official logo is the Tree of Life.

The World Federation is organized into units within nine geographical Areas; Methodist Women in Britain now functions as the British Unit, which is part of the 'Europe- Britain and Ireland Area'.

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