Lunell, William

Dublin merchant, the son of Peter Lunell, a Huguenot refugee, he was born on 7 May 1690 at Rahara, Co. Roscommon and educated at a boarding school in Athlone. After the family moved to Dublin, he set up shop with his father' support and developed a successful trade with Norwegian cloth merchants. He was also a partner in a private bank. He warmly welcomed to his home both the Wesley brothers and George Whitefield.. In 1742 he gave £400 towards the building of Whitefriar Street chapel. Retiring in 1766, he settled in Bristol, where he died on 28 January 1774. His sons William Peter and George followed their father in trade and later generations continued his involvement in banking.

  • D.B. Bradshaw, 'William Lunell, of Dublin' in Wesley Historical Society Proceedings, vol. 22 (1939-40), pp.73-6


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