Kenyon, Barnet

Chesterfield Primitive Methodist local preacher and trade unionist, born at South Aston, South Yorks. He received no formal education. At 7 he began working in the local quarry, at 13 at Denaby Main colliery, and subsequently at other pits, including from 1876 to 1906 at Shireoaks Company's Southgate pit, where in 1880 he was appointed check weighman

He was a founder member of the Derbyshire Miners Association in 1888, was President of the Derbyshire Miners Federation, 1896 to 1906, subsequently becoming its assistant secretary, by 1912 its secretary and treasurer from 1913. His politics were described as Lib-Lab. In 1913 he was selected by the Derbyshire Miners to fight Chesterfield in a by-election caused by the death of William Harvey, another PM Local Preacher, but he was also selected by the local Liberal Association, a controversial situation. He retained the seat until 1929. During the First World War in Parliament he came close to following connexional policy, voting against conscription but prepared to participate in recruitment drives. He supported conscientious objectors and those soldiers having difficulties in claiming war pensions.

He was also a member of Chesterfield Board of Guardians, the Old Age Pension Committee and was a trustee of the King's Fund for the Disabled. He died at Chesterfield on 20 February 1930,