Wakelin, Mark Henry
1957 - , e.m. 1979

He was born in West Runton, Norfolk, and brought up in the Methodist hospitals at Segbwema, Sierra Leone, and later at Maua, Kenya, his father Paul being a doctor and his mother Rosemary (e.m. 1983) at the time a teacher. He gained a BA in theology at Nottingham University in 1976, and after a year as a full-time voluntary youth worker trained for the ministry at The Queen's College Birmingham, 1979-82. After circuit appointments in the Lincoln North and Bramhall Circuits he was appointed National Secretary for MAYC and Connexional Secretary for Youth and Community in 1995. He became Director of the Guy Chester Centre in 2000 and Secretary for Internal Relationships in the Connexional Team in 2008. He was elected President of the Conference in 2012. He gained the degree of Master of Education from Manchester University in 1993 and a Doctorate in Education from London University Institute of Education in 2006. In 2013 he was granted permission to study with the Centre for Organisational Research at Roehampton University. He was Fernley Hartley Lecturer in 2001 and is Associate Tutor of the South-East Institute of Theological Education.

His publications include: Songs for the New Millennium (ed.) (1999), Step Forward – One year Course in Discipleship & Discernment (2010), contributions to Encounters – the Methodist Companion (1999), God's Here and Now (ed. Richter 1999), BITE, a Handbook for New Youth Workers (2000), Remembering our Future (ed. Bretherton & Walker 2007), Forty Four Sermons – To Serve the Present Age (ed. Reisman & Shier-Jones 2007), Making of Ministry (ed. Shier-Jones 2009) and journal articles.

  • Methodist Recorder, 21 June 2012