Knowlson, Thomas Sharper

Wesleyan minister and author, born in 1867 at Bilton, Harrogate, the oldest son of William and Elizabeth Knowlson. His father was a gardener at Bilton Hall. He trained for the ministry at Richmond College 1888-1893 and after one year on 'supply' was stationed in Sandhurst, Chelsea, Cardiff and Stockport (Trinity) Circuits before 'voluntarily retiring' in 1900. In 1901 he was living in Streatham, and in 1910 emigrated to New York. Divorced from his first wife, Lily, in 1928, he married his second wife, Marion A Irving, the following year. There were no known children. He died in 1947.

He became a prolific and popular author, including such titles as The Art of Thinking (1899), The Art of Success (1902), Logic for the Million (1905), and The Origin of Popular Superstitions & Customs (1910).

  • John H. Lenton, in David J. Hart and David J. Jeremy (eds.), Brands Plucked from the Burning (2013), pp .190-1


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