Shier-Jones,Dr. Angela Joan

Described as ‘a person of incredible energy and intellect, whose contribution to the life of the Church was immense’, she was born in Newport, South Wales, on 9 August 1960 and became a Methodist following her marriage in 1986. At an early age she became interested in theology, including other world faiths. She served as Director of Studies at Wesley College, Bristol and Director of Methodist and Free Church Studies in the South-East Institute of Theological Education and was editor of the Epworth Review. Her publications included Methodist Theology: a work in progress (edited, 2005) and The making of Ministry (2008). She gave the 2010 Peake Memorial Lecture, ‘From Transmission to TXT: the Bible in a digital age’.

‘She believed that theology mattered, that it was not just a minority interest for the select few, but part of our calling as Methodists, and that we should do it properly, with all the energy and enterprise we could muster.’ She died on 11 September 2011.

  • Epworth Review, vol.38:3, November 2011, pp.4-5


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