Böhler, Peter

German Moravian, born at Frankfurt-am-Maine and converted under A.G. Spangenberg. As a Lutheran theological student he met Count Zinzendorf, became tutor to his son, joined the Moravians and was ordained a minister. Early in 1738, en route to Georgia, he met John and Charles Wesley and his conversations with them were a formative influence in their spiritual experience of that year. Moravian principles as expounded by him governed both the Fetter Lane Society and later on the Methodist societies. He was consecrated a Moravian bishop in 1748, dividing his time between Germany and America. Disenchanted with aspects of Moravianism, John Wesley was estranged from Böhler, but many years later they renewed contact by letter shortly before Böhler died at Fulneck, and John Wesley acknowledged his spiritual indebtedness to him.

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