Boys family of New Zealand

The Rev. Frederick W.Boys (1870-1946), was born in Dalston, London on 11 July 1870 to John and Emma Boys. He was involved in Thomas Champness's Joyful News Mission c.1890, and sailed in July 1891 on the Cuzeo to New Zealand, where he became a Primitive Methodist minister. In 1901 he was received into the WM ministry, but in 1919 had to resign because of ill-health. He died in Auckland on 26 July 1946. His son Reginald Hardie Boys became a Judge of the Supreme Court and held many offices in the Methodist Church.

Michael Hardie Boys, R.H. Hardie Boys' son, was born 6 October 1931 at Wellington, New Zealand. A lawyer by profession, in 1980 he became a Judge of the High Court of New Zealand, being elevated to the Court of Appeal and appointed a Privy Counsellor. In 1957 he married Edith Mary Zohrab, the great granddaughter of Octavius Hadfield, Bishop of Wellington, 1890-1893. On 21 March 1996, he was appointed Governor-General of New Zealand. Upon the completion of his term on 21 March 2001 Sir Michael, an Anglican, and Lady Hardie Boys were both appointed as additional Companions.

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