Branfoot, John
1795-1831; e.m. 1821

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Early PM itinerant, born near Ripon. He joined the PMs on their arrival in Yorkshire in 1821 and undertook extensive work in their huge Hull Circuit and its branches. He pioneered many places, including Sunderland and Tyneside. He died on 26 February 1831, along with his fellow itinerant John Hewson (Huison) (1793-1831; e.m. 1824), after being struck by coal wagons on the Sunderland-Hetton colliery line while walking to an appointment. His son William Branfoot (1825-1902) was brought up in Sunderland and became a prosperous businessman on Wearside with interests in coal and shipping. He was very active as a PM lay leader and preacher and in wider evangelical causes. Disaffected by developments in PM in the 1860s and 70s, he was a leading figure in the secession of the Christian Lay Churches in 1877 and became active in Independent Methodism nationally. He was President of the IM connexion in 1899-1900.