Brash, William Bardsley
1877-1952; e.m. 1901

WM minister, the son of John Denholm Brash (1841-1912; e.m. 1864), who was born in Edinburgh and, unable to go out to West Africa, offered for the Shetlands. He died at Harpenden on 21 June 1912.

His son W. Bardsley Brash was born at Pudsey on 23 December 1877 and educated at Kingswood School and Handsworth College. He was twice Secretary of the Oxford District. An able scholar, he specialized in English literature and during his ministry in Oxford gained a B.Litt. In 1928 was appointed lecturer in English and the English Bible and Hebrew at Didsbury College. As Principal from 1939 to 1949 he accomplished the difficult task of transferring the College's work from Manchester to Bristol. He wrote a biography of his father, Love and Life (1913) and an introduction to Methodism (1928). At the Methodist Church Congress in 1931 he spoke on 'Youth and the Challenge of Today'. He also contributed the article on John Wesley to the Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics and, to mark the centenary of Methodist ministerial training, wrote The Story of our Colleges (1935). He died on 28 April 1952 at St. Ives, Cornwall.

  • Methodist Recorder, 1 May 1952