Lush, Leonard Edward

Pigeon fancier and Royal Loft Manager to H.M. Queen Elizabeth he was born in the village of Gaywood, near King's Lynn on 22 September 1912. Throughout his life football and cricket were among his active interests, exceeded only by pigeon racing. Early in 1962 he was approached on behalf of the Queen with the invitation to become her Loft Manager at Sandringham and this led to a close friendship based on their common interest. Her Majesty regularly visited his home to see the pigeons now housed in the lofts he had built for them in his garden.

His family belonged to the ex-Primitive Methodist chapel at Gaywood, and later he moved his membership to Tower Street Church in King’s Lynn, where he met his wife Gladys, a future local preacher. He told his story in an autobiography Captain of the Queen’s Flight (1987) .

He died on 13 November 1992.

  • John Garfoot in Methodist Recorder, 15 January 2016

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