Spivey, Ronald Vincent
1906-86 (e.m. 1930)

Son of the Revd Charles Herbert Spivey (1873-1954; e.m. 1900), born at Wolverton on 7 July 1906 and educated at Elmfield College, York and Trinity College, Cambridge, He entered the PM ministry in 1930, and after a distinguished term of service in Bristol was appointed to Wesley Church, Cambridge, where he was also Chaplain to Methodist students at the university. From 1949-59 he was minister of Wesley's Chapel, London. A year in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe (formerly Southern Rhodesia)) followed, and then six years with the Church of South India (1960-66). In both settings teaching and training were central to his work. His final appointment was at Hinde Street Church, London, again with responsibility for university chaplaincy. In retirement at Sidmouth he continued to teach, offering courses in homiletics at Wesley College, Bristol. He contributed to a number of Cambridge Group manuals, and published a history of Wesley's Chapel (1974). He died on 10 October 1986.

  • Minutes of Conference 1987, pp. 89-90

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