Sanderson, Daniel
1819-1902; e.m. 1841

WM minister and missionary. Born in Cockermouth, Cumberland, on 9 February 1819, of Anglican parents, he became a WM and Local Preacher (see Local Preachers). Offering for the ministry, he was sent in 1842 to Negapatam in the Madras District and worked in India for twenty-five years. Sanderson’s first wife, Martha (née Perress) died in Mysore in 1849, leaving two children. In 1855 Sanderson married Sarah Reinhardt (1822-84); their second daughter, Ellen Martha (1859-1948) married Tasker, Dr John Greenwood. Sanderson was a skilled linguist and compiled a Kanarese-English dictionary. In 1868, when it was decided to reserve Richmond College, London for the training of students intending to serve overseas, Sanderson was appointed House Governor, and he held this position until 1891. His regime was described as ‘Spartan’ and ‘strictly economical’. After retirement he continued to live in the locality, and he died on 10 February 1902.


‘It was said that he could make a pulpit and preach in it; translate the Bible into Kanarese, cut the type, print the sheets and bind them …’ Cumbers, 106.

  • Minutes of Conference 1902, pp. 139-40
  • Frank H. Cumbers (ed.), Richmond College 1843-1943 (London, 1944), pp. 69, 105-06


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