Broadbelt, John Arthur
1878-1962; e.m. 1901

WM minister, born at Glasshouses, Pateley Bridge. Under his preaching ministry the missions at Hull (1908-14), Southall (1914-22) and Bristol(1922-29) were established. After three years at the Tooting Mission, in 1932 he succeeded Samuel Chadwick (an early influence) as Principal of Cliff College and guided its post-war development. He was secretary and then President of the Southport Holiness Convention. During his Bristol years he was closely involved in the purchase and restoration of the New Room and Charles Wesley's house. His keen advocacy of overseas missions led in 1920-21 to a world tour of all the WM overseas districts. He died at Wetherby on 16 November 1962.

His wife Lilian Davis Broadbelt (née Green) (1874-1935) was the daughter of Dr. Walford Green and assisted Dr. W.H. Dallinger in his scientific work. After her marriage she played an active part in her husband's ministry. Their daughter Eleanor became the wife of Dr. Maldwyn L. Edwards.

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