Brocklehurst, Arthur

Manchester architect, who may have been a Methodist. The son of the Rev. John Hornabrook was his partner, which gave him good connections with the WM Chapel Committee and seems to have helped him get commissions. His pre-War I churches were usually gothic and include Nant-y-Glyn WM, Colwyn Bay (1904-5), Uppermill WM, Greater Manchester (1912-13), Woodseats WM, Sheffield (1915-16), Lidgett Park WM, Leeds (1921-6), Horton Bank PM, Bradford (1927) and Lady Lane Memorial, Gipton (1936). Between the wars he designed a number of WM central halls, including Tonypandy (1922), Carlisle (1923), Ashington, Northumberland (1923), Eastney, Portsmouth (1924), Walsall (1929) and Bargoed (1930-31); also Grimsby (1934-6). Of these only Walsall and Bargoed remain in use.