Buller, James
1812-1884; e.m. 1836

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Missionary to New Zealand, he was born at Helston on 6 December 1812. Brought up a Baptist, he joined the Wesleyans after his conversion. He and his wife left Cornwall for New Zealand in 1835 in the hope of taking up missionary work. He was received as an Assistant Missionary in 1836, recommended to be received as a 'regular missionary' in 1840 and ordained in July 1844. He was appointed to the Kaipara, a new station which he occupied until 1854 and where his ministry was noted for its reconciling influence and his commitment to Maori education. In 1839 he made an overland journey largely on foot to Port Nicholson to secure the site for the new mission station. At Wellington 1855-1860 and Christchurch 1860-1865 he achieved a position of prominence among the settlers. He was President of the Australasian Conference in 1864, initiated the separate New Zealand Conference in 1874 and was its President in 1875. During retirement he spent four years in England and published Forty Years in New Zealand (1878) and New Zealand Past and Present (1880). He died at Christchurch, New Zealand on 6 November 1884.

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