Burgess, William
1845-1930; e.m. 1866

Missionary in India, born on 12 November 1845. During his ministry in the Madras District, India 1866-96, he pioneered a mission among the outcastes at Ikkadu. But he is chiefly remembered for the successful evangelical mission he launched in Hyderabad State in 1879, where he built up congregations and churches in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad and initiated rural work which laid the foundations of the future Mass Movement. His wife was closely involved in the establishment of girls' schools and the Wesley Boarding and Normal Training School, but died in a shipwreck. Under his superintendency of the Mission in Italy 1902-18 a union with the Evangelical Free Church was effected. He died at Alassio on 3 September 1930.

  • Methodist Recorder, 11 Sept 1930


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