Burns, Dr William Harris
1928-2003; e.m. 1953

Minister and schoolmaster, born in Winchester on 31 January 1928. After service in the navy he read Classics at Southampton University College and theology at Wesley House, Cambridge. An ecumenical service in Clare College chapel introduced him to the CSI liturgy and inspired him to offer for work in India, where he was ordained deacon in 1954 and presbyter in 1956. He learned Telugu and was involved in ministerial training at Medak. He returned to circuit work in England in 1959, but decided that teaching was his forte. From 1964 to 1984 he taught Latin at Eggar's Grammar School, Alton. After nine years back in the ministry, he retired to Alton in 1993. He died at Alton on 25 December 2003.

He showed his concern to share the fruits of biblical scholarship as widely as possible through involvement with the Vacation Term for Biblical Studies, of which he became lecture secretary. But his scholarship was most clearly demonstrated by his work on St. Cyril of Alexandria, which began as a doctoral thesis at Southampton University and resulted in a five-volume edition of Cyril's letters, the first volume of which was published in Paris in 1991.

See also: Ministry - men who returned.

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