Burton, Dr Henry
1840-1930; e.m. 1865

WM minister, born in Swannington, Leics, on 26 November 1840, in the house where his grandmother had begun the first JMA in 1818. He moved with his parents to America and graduated from Beloit College, which later granted him a DD for his contributions to theological literature. After a brief period of pastoral oversight in Wisconsin, he entered the WM ministry in England and married Ellen Pearse, a sister of Mark Guy Pearse. Three of his hymns appeared in the Methodist Hymn Book (1933). He is remembered chiefly for the hymn 'There's a light upon the mountain' (HP 246; SF 188) and the song 'Pass it on'. He died at West Kirby, Cheshire, on 27 April 1930.

  • Methodist Recorder, 1 May 1930