Buss, Frederick Harold

Civil servant, born at Farncombe, Surrey on 9 December 1876, he was a frequent contributor to Methodist periodicals An accredited local preacher from 1898, he was active in the LPMAA, joining its general committee in 1912 and serving as honorary secretary 1926-1956. He was its President in 1932 (when he worked to incorporate PM and UM preachers into what had been a WM movement) and again in 1949, its centenary year. His preaching and speaking were informed by his wide knowledge of literature and he was a regular contributor to both the Preacher's Magazine and the Methodist Recorder. He was the co-author of A Goodly Fellowship (1949), a centenary history of the Association. The founding of the Mutual Aid Homes owed much to him and he died at 'Westerley', Westcliff-on-Sea on 6 April 1964.