Butt, George Edwin
1841-1920; e.m. 1862

PM minister, born at Motcombe on 18 March 1841. He served as a missionary at Aliwal North, South Africa from 1888 to 1905 and on his return was elected President of the 1905 PM Conference. His account of his return visit to Africa in the summer of 1908 was published as My Travels in North West Rhodesia. He died on 28 July 1920.

His son George Henry Butt (1867-1949; e.m.1886) born at Wilton, was also a missionary in Aliwal North from 1886 to 1911; he died on 17 March 1949. Another son, S. Alford Butt, became a solicitor and was a partner of Edmund C. Rawlings.

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