Church, Dr Leslie Frederic
1886-1961; e.m. 1908

WM minister and historian, born at Chester-le-Street. He trained for the ministry at Headingley College. He taught Church History and Pastoral Theology at Richmond College 19291935 and was Connexional Editor 1935-1953. He was a gifted preacher, broadcaster and writer. His Fernley-Hartley Lecture of 1948, published asThe Early Methodist People (1948) and More about the Early Methodist People (1949) was a pioneering study of the Methodist laity. During his presidential year (1943-44) his house was destroyed in an air-raid, but he continued to serve both the home Church and those serving in the Armed Forces, for whom he provided books and devotional material. He died on 17 January 1961.


'Never has a Governor anywhere been more greatly beloved. We were as attracted by his brotherliness and humility as we were appalled by the long hours he worked. I remember that the Chairman and I took it upon ourselves to suggest to him that one's bed was better sought before 2 a.m.!'

Frank H. Cumbers, Richmond College, 1843-1943 (1944) p.120

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