Court, Lewis Henry
1871-1960; e.m. 1892

BC minister, born at Roadwater near Watchet, Som., into a BC family living at Kingsbrompton (now Brompton Regis), Som. He became a local preacher at the age of seventeen. He served mainly in the south west, and retired in 1934 through ill-health, dying at Minehead on 23 January 1960. A gifted writer and artist, he employed his artistic skills to good effect in the design of at least five churches.

His important collection of BC books and manuscripts was gathered through almost the whole of his life. He enhanced it himself by assiduous correspondence and information-seeking, the replies making a significant contribution to the value of the collection. The collection was given to the Methodist Church in 1949, and is now in the Methodist Archives at the John Rylands University Library of Manchester. An annotated catalogue was produced in 1995.His own publications include poetry, biography and history. They are:The Bane of Britain … sonnets on temperance (1899); The Bible Christian Church in the Chagford Circuit (1904); A Song of a Century (1915), sonnets on the Bible Christian centenary; The Romance of a Country Circuit (1921) on Kingsbrompton; These Hundred Years, the Bible Christians in Brighton (1923); Some Dartmoor Saints and Shrines (1927); Ready, Aye Ready; life of Rev. W. Ready (1935); and a volume of poems, Untarnished Gold (1938).

  • Methodist Recorder, 4 Feb 1960
  • Gareth Lloyd, [annotated catalogue of the] Lewis Court Bible Christian Collection (John Rylands University Library, 1995)


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