Crompton, Thomas
1817-1886; e.m. 1836

PM itinerant, born at Bury, Lancs, on 10 February 1817. He itinerated almost entirely in Yorkshire until emigrating in 1855 to Canada, where he was PM President in 1858 and Conference Secretary in 1863. In 1866 he was appointed Book Steward, Missionary Secretary and editor of the Christian Journal. In 1868 he resigned all except the editorship, having been appointed in 1867 Tutor of the Institute in Toronto for theological and pastoral training.

Among his publications was a story book called 'Tom Clod, the farmer'.

He died on 24 April 1886.
  • R.P. Hopper, Old Time Primitive Methodism in Canada (Toronto, 1894) pp.273-4


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