Cumbers, Frank Henry
1905-91; e.m. 1929

'A Methodist through and through', he was born in the City of London on 6 May 1905. He graduated from Richmond College and was always au fait with the latest scholarship, though himself a traditionalist and strongly opposed to the Anglican-Methodist unity Scheme. After 18 years in circuit he became Book Steward, serving during difficult years (1948-69) in which, as he put it, Methodist publishing 'lost money to the glory of God'. He published some 90 titles a year, some of them influential in theology. His WHS Lecture (1956) was a history of the Book Room. A lively personality, his wider interests included the Fellowship of the Kingdom, music, drama and football. He loved preaching above all. A difficult colleague, ill-at-ease with other connexional officers, he was at the same time generous and kind, not least to those with whom he disagreed, who were never out of his prayers. He died at Dovercourt on 26 August 1991.

  • Methodist Recorder, 15 Nov 1979, 12 Sept 1991