Armstrong, Walter Henry
1873-1949; e.m. 1899

WM minister, born in King's Cross, London on 14 September 1874. He had little formal education before training for the ministry at Didsbury College. He served briefly at Matara, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), then in mission circuits at home, where he was particularly successful with working men, notably with the Brotherhood at Bradford, and as an open-air speaker. He became secretary of the London Mission Fund in 1924 and was twice minister of Wesley's Chapel, where his daughter became curator. He was the first Moderator of the FCFC and a member of the committee it set up to respond to the 1920 Lambeth Appeal. In 1926 he was a leading opponent of Methodist union, and became President of the Conference in 1941. He wrote a life of J. Alfred Sharp (1932). He died on 24 November 1949.

  • Methodist Recorder, 3 November 1949
  • Conference Handbook, 1941