Dann, Clifford, ARIBA

Methodist architect, born at Lowestoft on 18 June 1899, the son of a Barford carpenter. The family moved to Norwich, where he attended the City of Norwich School before training with Cecil Upcher of the architectural firm of Lacey & Upcher. He set up a practice in St. Giles Street, Norwich. After World War II he was engaged to assess war damage to many of the churches in East Anglia. He also taught at Norwich City College for many years. He retired in 1974.

A local preacher for over 50 years, he belonged first to Queen's Road PM church and subsequently to Bowthorpe Road Methodist church. He was a Sunday School secretary and as stage director of the 'Q Players' also designed costumes and sets. His Methodist commissions in Norwich included Bowthorpe Road (1948 and 1974), Heartsease Lane (1953) and Wroxham Road (1958); elsewhere, Magdalen Way, Gorleston (1957), North Lynn (1963), South Lowestoft (1963), Diss (1964) and Wisbech (1970). He died on 1 March 1979 and his funeral was at Bowthorpe Road, the last church he had designed.


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