Davies, Samuel, 'the Second'
1818-1891; e.m. 1843

He was born in Denbigh and joined the WM in Abergele. His outstanding preaching, literary and administrative gifts, his wide educational and cultural interests, and his wise judgment and leadership made him one of the most trusted and respected Welsh Christian leaders of his day. He edited Y Winllan 1854-1855 and Yr Eurgrawn 1859-1865 and 1875-1886 and was for some years in charge of the connexional Book Room in Bangor. He was Secretary (1858-1865) and Chairman (1866-1886) of the North Wales District and was elected to the Legal Hundred in 1875. He was a founder member of the Council of the University College at Bangor in 1884. Among his many publications were biographies of Thomas Aubrey (1877) and of Samuel Davies 'the first' (1866). He died on 7 June 1891.

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