Davies, Dr William
1820-1875; e.m. 1843

Welsh WM minister, he received a good education, enhanced by a fondness for reading to the detriment of his progress as an apprentice shoemaker. Soon after becoming a WM member in 1840 he was accepted for the ministry and quickly became popular as a preacher. His ministry was enriched by his administrative ability, skill as a debater and wide literary and musical interests. He was Book Steward at Bangor 1867-1875 and in 1870 received an honorary American doctorate. He edited Y Winllan 1857-1860 and Yr Eurgrawn 1866-1875, contributing countless articles. Among his books in Welsh were a Bible Dictionary (1857), an Introduction to the Scriptures (1866), a work on the Atonement (1873) and a study of John Bryan (1867).

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  • Dictionary of Eminent Welshmen(1908)
  • Dictionary of Welsh Biography
  • Yr Eurgrawn Wesleyaidd, 67 pp.386-87

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