Davies, Dr William Rhys
1932- e.m. 1954

Born at Blackpool, he was educated at Blackpool Grammar School and Hartley Victoria College. He gained a London BD and an MA and PhD at Manchester University. After eleven years in circuit work, in 1966 he became a sector minister, lecturing in Religious Studies at Padgate College of Higher Education, Warrington. He was Superintendent of the Bradford Mission (Eastbrook Hall) 1979-1983 and Principal of Cliff College 1983-1994; President of the 1987Conference and Moderator of the Free Church Federal Council 1991-1992. He has served on the Divisional Boards for Home Missions and Social Responsibility, the Faith and Order Committee and other connexional committees. His publications include Gathered into One (the Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book, 1975), Rocking the Boat (1986) and Spirit without Measure (1996) and contributions to A Dictionary of Christian Spirituality (1983) and John Wesley: Contemporary Perspectives (1988).