Dickenson, John
1826-1888; e.m. 1844

PM minister, born on 11 November 1826 atBurton-upon-Trent into an Anglican family of Lancashire origins. Prevented by changed circumstances from entering the Church, at 14 he became an iron-moulder and soon afterwards joined the PMs, serving his first year at his native Burton on Trent. He wasPresident of the 1876 Conference and during his service as Book Steward, 1875-1880, saved the Book Room from financial disaster 'by the application of his outstanding business skill'. He remained in London circuits as treasurer of the Superannuated Preachers, Widows and Orphans Fund. He died on 1 November 1888.

  • D.S. Prosser (ed.), Heroic Men (1889) pp.122-82

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