Dinsley, W. Hugill
fl. 1894-1912

Chorley architect. He was the son of James Dinsley (1832-1902; e.m. 1860), a Leeds WM local preacher who became a UMFC minister in Cornwall in 1860. His chapels included Robin Lane PM, Pudsey (1900), Harehills Avenue PM, Leeds (1903), Beecher Cliff UMFC, Bath (1906-7), Wesley Memorial UMFC, Bryants Hill, Kingswood(1907). The monumental porticoed Trinity UMFC, Pudsey (1899-1900) with its Sunday School (1912) was an exception to his preference for a fairly standard gothic style.

His brother Edward Oliver Dinsley (e.m. 1876; d. 1931) followed his father into the UMFC ministry.


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