Evans, Dr David Tecwyn
1876-1957; e.m. 1902

Born at Llandecwyn, Merioneth, he entered University College, Bangor in 1895 as one of the first Welsh WM ministers to receive a university education. He attained great popularity as a preacher in both English and Welsh and for his scholarly but popular lectures and numerous articles. An acknowledged authority on the Welsh language and a great linguistic purist, he translated many classics of English prose, poetry and hymns. As editor of Yr Eurgrawn, 1931-51, he made that denominational journal an organ of national significance. But he remained first and foremost a preacher of the gospel, and is chiefly remembered as one of the last of the princes of the Welsh pulpit. He was President of the Welsh Assembly in 1929 and Chairman of the Second North Wales District 1936-41 and received an honorary DD from the University of Wales in 1951. He died at Rhyl on 27 October 1957.

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