Evans, John Hugh
1833-1886; e.m. 1860

Welsh WM minister, born at Ysceifiog, near Holywell, Flints and known by his bardic name 'Cynfaen', he was the younger brother of William H. Evans. Having inherited a rich family tradition of Welsh literary culture, radical Liberal politics and WM piety, he played a notable part in Welsh WM in the latter half of the nineteenth century. Having been a miner and teacher and experienced a dramatic conversion, he entered the ministry and while in Welsh circuits in London,Liverpool and Manchester developed his gifts of intellect and poetic imagination. He excelled as preacher, lecturer, teacher, writer, poet and literary adjudicator. Besides his many published articles, essays and poems, he did much to preserve the memory and works of his ministerial forebears; e.g. by composing a poetic elegy on Thomas Aubrey, editing Samuel Davies's sermons and the sermons and lectures of Rowland Hughes. He died on 24 June 1886.

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