Evans, William Hugh
1831-1909; e.m. 1856

Welsh WM minister, older brother of John H. Evans, was born at Ysceifiog, Flints, on 13 January 1831. He was known by his bardic name 'Gwyllt-y-mynydd'. Beginning life as a miner, he began to preach at 18 and spent a year as a lay agent before entering the ministry. He was a powerful preacher and a man of deep spirituality, firm convictions and fervent concern for Sunday Schools, Board Schools, Temperance, peace and Disestablishment. His literary output was remarkable for one whose educational opportunities had been sparse and whose life was so busy. He edited Y Winllan 1864-67 and also the denominational weekly paper Y Gwyliedydd he helped to found in 1877. He contributed regularly to Yr Eurgrawn, excelling as biographer, e.g. in his memorial volume for his brother. He in turn was fittingly commemorated by his son, William O. Evans. He died (at Rhyl?) on 28 June 1909.

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  • Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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