Evans, William Owen
1864-1936; e.m. 1887

The son of William H. Evans, he was born at Llanfair Caereinion, Montgomery, and educated at Woodhouse Grove and Llanrwst Grammar School. After a brief apprenticeship to a shopkeeper, he began to preach at 18, became a lay agent and was an outstanding ministerial student at Didsbury College. In him the natural gifts of his father and uncle were enhanced by greater educational opportunities and wider experience of ministry. After two years in the English work, he chose to minister in his own native land and language. President of the Welsh Assembly in 1914 and Chairman of the Second North Wales District 1924-33, he was elected to theLegal Hundred in 1933. His literary achievements included commentaries on Romans and Mark and a biography of Thomas Coke. His hymns included translations of Charles Wesley and Isaac Watts, and he played a prominent part in preparing the joint CM/WM hymn-book of 1927. A wise and generous counsellor and encourager of younger ministers, he claimed to be the first to recognize the literary genius of E.Tegla Davies. He died at Prestatyn on 16 July 1936.

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