Everson, Frederick Howell
1898-1961; e.m. 1920

WM minister, born in Guildford. He used his training as a journalist in contributing a children's feature in the Daily Mail and, as 'FHE', in the Methodist Recorder under the title 'Thursday Teatime'. For 23 years he was a member of the team reporting on the Conference and was said to be able to 'read the mind of Conference as a man reads a book'. Under the pseudonym 'Epsilon' he also contributed impressions of the Conference. He wrote books and plays and in 1945 was director of the connexional 'How Great a Flame' exhibition. He retired to Ilfracombe and died at Barnstaple on 25 November 1961.


'He did not wear his heart on his sleeveā€¦ Nor did he readily unveil the secrets of his inner life. The truth is that he was a sensitive and serious-minded man, thinking and feeling profoundly; and for him garrulity in solemn and earnest matters was out of the question.'

Methodist Recorder, 7 December 1961

  • Methodist Recorder, 7 December 1961

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