Faith and Order Committee

The various Methodist connexions appointed representatives to the World Conference on Faith and Order from about 1913, and a WM committee for this purpose was first appointed in 1921. The Committee continued after *Methodist Union, and from 1951 became known as the Committee on Faith and Order, to be appointed annually by the Conference.

Whilst its responsibilities in relation to ecumenical matters and bodies (e.g. the World Council of Churches) continue, as well as its function of reporting on all matters touching the faith and order of the Church, others have been added over the years and they now include the encouragement of theological reflection and study throughout the church. Major theological reports over a wide range of the church's life (e.g. baptism, ordination) have been produced.The committee is also responsible for the preparation and revision, for the Conference's approval, of forms of service authorised for Methodist use, and under its aegis the Methodist Service Book of 1975 and its successor the Methodist Worship Book of 1999 were prepared, as well as Hymns and Psalms in 1983.

  • Statements of the Methodist Church on Faith and Order 1933-1983 (1984)